January 25, 2009
An event Regigigas, to be distributed by Toys'R'Us is announced, the site's default style is changed, a forum modifications installation run concludes, and a few words on a new site section's future release (as part of a CMS project).
by nza in Platinum
January 20, 2009
In celebration of President Barack Obama's Inauguration we distribute our own event Pokémon. As well, Bulbagarden reports that Nintendo re-registers Generation 1 trademarks as well as some others.
by nza in Sitely
January 19, 2009
Visit: https://pldh.net/basics/styles for details regarding new Site Styles going live, further forum enhancements are announced, a special PLDH event will occur on January 20th and I once again play PokéNews catch-up.
by nza in Sitely
January 5, 2009
More speculation about a new Pokémon being revealed and I introduce a tool for use at PLDH.net called the called the SpriteLinker, found: https://pldh.net/dex/dpp/spritelinker/index
by nza in Speculation