February 27, 2011
It's the 15th anniversary for Pokémon! We release some commemorative wallpapers to celebrate, and consider what this means.
by Ze Colonel in Game Freak
February 18, 2011
New C-Gear themes based on the final stages of the Kanto starters and a few other small details.
by Ze Colonel in Global Link
February 15, 2011
GameFreak's director of development Junichi Masuda states that a main series Pokémon game will not appear on a home console.
by Ze Colonel in Game Freak
February 13, 2011
A discussion regarding this week's many odd stories: 3rd version up in the air?, 3DS enhancements, mythical v. legendary. We also summarize all current, official, localizations in a single post.
by WarClaus in Coro Coro
February 11, 2011
New Beginnings: Unfortunately our extremely successful YouTube channel was terminated this week. Instead of getting down about it, what better way to start off a new generation with not only a new site but a new channel?
by WarClaus in Sitely
February 7, 2011
Reminder of the shiny Raikou event beginning today; catching up with translations leaked from a person with a review copy of Pokémon Black.
by Ze Colonel in Event Pokémon
February 1, 2011
Official Nintendo Magazine reveals some new name translations, provides a video of the first gym battle of the game.
by Ze Colonel in Black / White