April 26, 2011
An XD Port/ Sequel coming to 3DS?
by TopHat in 3DS
April 25, 2011
Nintendo confirms that a playable version of the Wii's successor will be available at this year's E3 Expo in June.
by Ze Colonel in WiiU
April 23, 2011
A new Pokémon game being announced by May at the latest, and the Pokémon Video Game Championships start up again.
by Ze Colonel in Unknown Game
April 12, 2011
Secret Egg event to occur in US TRU stores, Global Link launch-date confirmed and... Oh yea, King Cofagrigus and his reign have come to an end. The unfortunate return of nza!
by SarcasticWhale in Promotion
April 7, 2011
Pokémon Global Link gets a confirmed global launch on April 13th.
by Ze Colonel in Black / White
April 7, 2011
by King Cofagrigus in Sitely
April 1, 2011
PLDH adopts a Wiki-like approach to editing and maintaining the website.
by SarcasticWhale in Sitely