June 27, 2010
Oha Suta has revealed a new Black/White trailer, and within it are new Pokémon. An article in progress.
by Ze Colonel in Black / White
June 25, 2010
Official Black/White release date revealed, The Isshu Collection receives 10 more wallpapers, while Pokémon Reorchestrated has a new song released to celebrate the opening of the PREO forum here on PLDH!
by Ze Colonel in Black / White
June 23, 2010
RPGLand.com has posted scans from Nintendo Dream with large Isshu map images. We look at significant locations.
by nza in Black / White
June 21, 2010
Isshu gym discovery, Dex entries, Zoroark event info, new gallery section with Isshu themed backgrounds and more...
by nza in Coro Coro
June 19, 2010
Pokémon Sunday aires in Japan. Live ingame footage for several images from last week's CoroCoro and more is shown.
by nza in Coro Coro
June 15, 2010
E3 news: Nintendo unveils the 3DS, conference videos, Ranger: Guardian Signs, and more.
by nza in E3
June 14, 2010
Official site updates with clearer screens, our gallery is updated and admin TopHat attends E3.
by nza in Coro Coro
June 12, 2010
Water Pokémon Master of Pokébeach may have received some insider information for Pokémon Black/White.
by nza in Coro Coro
June 11, 2010
And what appears to be June 15th's CoroCoro issue has leaked, so coverage of that begins now. There's new Pokémon and more to be revealed.
by Ze Colonel in Coro Coro
June 4, 2010
A special Scizor is being distributed to Japanese versions of 4th gen games via Wi-Fi from 6/18/10-7/14/10.
by nza in Event Pokémon
June 2, 2010
Version5 of PLDH.net has gone live!
by nza in Sitely