New XY Trailer Released: Shows Orotto, New Locales and Moves
The trailer showcased in Japan during the Genesect movie is officially released, revealing the new tree Pokemon Orotto, a new move, and more.
by Ze Colonel in XY
July 20, 2013
Pokémon Smash airs footage of different areas of XY, showing us what surfing and fishing looks like and telling us around what time we can encounter the revealed Pokémon.
by Ze Colonel in Pokémon Smash
July 19, 2013
GameFreak teases a new mysterious project via a silhouette on their website.
by Ze Colonel in Game Freak
July 12, 2013
The Pokémon site updates with the CoroCoro details, giving us HQ screens, localization details and even more new information.
by Ze Colonel in Coro Coro
July 11, 2013
An extensive issue of CoroCoro leaks, revealing a multitude of new Pokémon, new gym leaders, the new professor, the villainous team and version exclusives. Wallpapers for all of the new Pokémon posted.
by Ze Colonel in Coro Coro
July 8, 2013
Today is PLDH's seventh birthday. Let's talk about it. Also: we're prepping for PLDH v6.
by Ze Colonel in Sitely
New Pokemon XY Trailer & Two XY Themed 3DS Revealed
A new Pokémon XY trailer comes out and features all in-game music. We also see special 3DS systems designed for XY.
by Ze Colonel in XY
New Ghost/Steel Sword Pokémon Revealed at Expos
by Ze Colonel in New Pokémon