Yes Nintendo is Really Releasing a 2DS
Nintendo announces a budget version of the Nintendo 3DS called the 2DS that removes the glasses free 2D feature and also redesigns the console.
by Ze Colonel in 2DS
Various Trademarks Hint at New Fighting Game
On top of Pokken FIghting/Tournament, four more trademarks have now been filed by the TPCi hinting at a new Pokémon title.
by Ze Colonel in Spin-Off Game
Watch the Entire Pokémon XY Demo in English
The PGS demo for XY is now at Gamescon in Germany and the entire thing has been recorded, in English! More details are unearthed.
by Ze Colonel in XY
Watch this Pokémon XY Exhibition Battle
High quality footage of an exhibition battle from the PGS surfaces, showing us a Wi-Fi battle with four of the new Pokémon. We analyze the results of the battle, what they could mean for stats, etc.
by Ze Colonel in Pokémon Smash
Listen to Music from Pokémon X and Y Now
Various pieces of music from XY (i.e., rival battle, route music, trainer battle) were ripped at the PGS demos. Check them out now.
by Ze Colonel in Miscellaneous
Pokémon Smash and PGS Demo Recap
The latest episode of Pokémon Smash shows us high quality footage of what's currently on display at the PGS, which includes the protag riding Skiddo and Mega Pokémon in battle.
by Ze Colonel in Pokémon Smash
New Anime Titled Pokémon The Origin Announced
A new anime to run alongside of the current one called Pokémon: The Origin has been announced. It will star Red and Blue/Green.
by Ze Colonel in HeartGold / SoulSilver
World Championships End With Megas Showcase
Next year's World venue is announced. Mega Mawile, Mega Absol and Mega Ampharos are officially revealed (and analyzed by us) via a trailer showing all of the new Megas (except Kangaskhan).
by Ze Colonel in World Championships
Pokémon X and Y Selling Out Quickly
Pokémon X and Y bundles sell out quickly on Amazon. No more gold 3DS systems available.
by Ze Colonel in XY
Mega Kangaskhan Revealed and a Worlds 2013 Livestream
Mega Kangaskhan is revealed at the 2013 Pokémon World Championships. We'll be streaming the events this weekend.
by nza in World Championships
Minimalistic Walls Completed for New Pokémon
TopHat finishes wallpapers for Dedenne, Skiddo and Bunnelby.
by Ze Colonel in Art/Wallpapers
Localized Megas Info and Super Training News
The official site updates with the new CoroCoro information, giving us clearer insight on Mega Evolutions and the three new Pokémon. Super Training is also discussed.
by Ze Colonel in Coro Coro
CoroCoro Leaks Introducing Mega Evolutions and 3 New Pokémon
CoroCoro leaks revealing three new Pokémon, a new gym leader, and a new feature: Mega Evolutions. Many old Pokémon receive these MegaEvolutions, including Mewtwo and Blaziken.
by Ze Colonel in Coro Coro
August CoroCoro Will Feature New Evolutions and More
The CoroCoro site updates, telling us what to expect in the soon-to-leak issue. It involves new Pokémon!
by Ze Colonel in Coro Coro
XY Digital Download Cards Reveal File Size
Digital download cards to be sold in retailers reveal the file size of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.
by Ze Colonel in XY