September 29, 2010
And we brush off the dust on our news desks and head right back into the game. PLDH's pages are being updated to accommodate for the data of Black/White and Nintendo's 2010 conference has revealed many details for their handheld future.
by Ze Colonel in Sitely
September 17, 2010's Black/White coverage officially begins. Also, all info on how each family of Pokémon evolves.
by nza in HeartGold / SoulSilver
September 16, 2010
Pokémon Black/White coverage may begin soon. Differences between Gym Leader 8 appear to exist for each version.
by nza in Coro Coro
September 15, 2010
Isshu Gym Leader information leaks and The493 Gallery headlines at BulbaGarden.
by nza in Black / White
September 12, 2010
A thorough Pokémon of Isshu list is completed; we announce preparations for the week.
by nza in Black / White
September 11, 2010
Possible corocoro scans have surfaced on the internet.
by TopHat in Coro Coro
September 7, 2010
Possible typing for trio's last member, a post by blue skY and our last 493 wallpaper host is announced.
by nza in Diamond / Pearl
September 6, 2010
An advertisement for a special episode of Pokémon Sunday revolved around Black and White shows us a new cat Pokémon and confirms Tabunne will make an appearance.
by Ze Colonel in Pokémon Smash
September 4, 2010
Isshu starter evolutions as good as confirmed and Fire and Water typed versions of Yanappu appear.
by Ze Colonel in Black / White
September 3, 2010
The493 Gallery collection is completed and other minor announcements.
by nza in Sitely