December 31, 2008
Well wishes for all in 2009, the deletion of WikiZam and an extremely outdated note on Giratina's Altered Forme...
by nza in Diamond / Pearl
December 19, 2008
Poké as well as Nintendo, via a press release, confirm the previously leaked release date for Platinum. The BerryDex goes live!
by nza in Platinum
December 17, 2008
Our biggest update ever is made. The update includes a PokéDex (with various sister dexes including: abilities, moves, types, egg groups, colors and habitats). Related sections were released under Guides detailing Weather and Status Effects.
by nza in Sitely
December 15, 2008
We catch up on Pokémon news: Shaymin is revealed on Poké, Japanese event Pokémon in MPR and the new Pokémon ends up being a Pichu. The release date for our PokéDex is also given an exact date.
by nza in Platinum
December 9, 2008
Platinum's North American date is revealed by Circuit City as well as revealing several English translations relating to new additions in the game.
by nza in Platinum
December 7, 2008
The Searchbox is relocated, as per the result of our previous poll, the site leaves beta and I give a timeframe for the release of our PokéDex...
by nza in Sitely